Unique product for real in-depth cleaning of suede, nubuck, crepe, textiles, stretch and "tex" fabrics, refreshens the original color.

Exclusive mixture of solvents and a base cleaner with each ingredient working on different types of stains and dirt.

Supplied with a wooden handled, natural silk bristle brush.


Provides an in-depth cleaning of smooth leather to remove buildup of silicons, resins, and dirt that accumulate over use, thereby preparing leather to receive the full nourishment offered by Saphir's shoe polish products. It can also be used to remove darker polishes that may have mistakenly been applied.

  • Safe to use on even the finest leathers.
  • Removes polish & silicone buildup to restore original leather.
  • Will not remove original finish - only polish.

Available in 100ml & 500ml

Crème Surfine

Saphir's Crème Surfine is a pigment-rich all-purpose cream with conditioning oils that will bring out a luxe shine in the leather of your favorite pair. Use this beeswax-based product to clean, nourish, polish and condition shoes, boots and other smooth leather goods. Apply it regularly as maintenance, or alternate with the Pâte de Luxe for a mirror shine.

Pâte De Luxe

Saphir Pate de Lux is a very nourishing traditional polish. Based on a combination of beeswax & carnauba wax linked with turpentine (obtained from the distillation of pine resin). High in converting pigment, this is a great quality/value wax polish

  • Polishes and restores the color of your faded shoes and leather gear
  • A nourishing blend of carnauba wax, beeswax, turpentine oil
  • Permeates the leather to achieve a high gloss finish

Renovating Cream

Concentrate of colour pigments that intensely recolours leather that has been scuffed badly enough to have lost its colour. This very silky cream is intended for occasional colour touch-ups in very specific areas and for protecting exposed areas of the leather on your shoes, jackets or other leather articles. Its recolouring properties are so strong that only a small amount of the product is needed with each use to restore a protective layer over the leather that will keep out moisture and dirt. This renovating cream comes in the same hues as the Saphir Crème Surfine shoe creams to ensure a perfect colour match. Perfect for edge dressing soles of leather footwear.

  • Complementary to shoe polish but no replacement.
  • No colour transfer.
  • Perfect for partial renovation, not intended for regular care.
  • Mix the colours together, then test result on a piece of paper and let dry, because the shade will get slightly darker.
  • Can be eliminated with Saphir RENOMAT.

Universal Cream

Neutral shoe polish for the gentle care of smooth and varnished leather, reptile leather, leather goods, shoes, furniture, luggage... , cleans, nourishes and protects.
Formula based on beeswax: 28.9%. Can be applied on the finest of leathers, giving it a silky aspect and a deep and durable shine, fast drying. Does not get dirty, nor leave white residue.
Developed in 1920, it helps professionals to meet maximum requirements with a single product. Its fluid presentation is particularly adapted for fine leather goods.


Stain Remover

No telltale ring will mar your textile, nubuck, suede or smooth leather goods when you use Avel Stain Remover Hussard. Choose this effective cleaner with confidence to eliminate tough stains like grease, oil and even seborrhea. Natural oils from hands, hair and skin can build up on apparel and upholstery causing unsightly dark marks that make your valuable possessions look worn and unattractive. Revitalize your favorites to make them look fresh and well maintained.

How to use:
The Avel Stain Remover Hussard could not be easier to use. Simply spray the affected area with this unique product and watch as soiling, grease, oil and even natural skin oils that have marred the look of your leather goods dissolve and disappear without leaving any residue or permanent ring.

Do not use on patent or reptile leather.