Spring 2017
Fall 2016
The in-sole with its distinctive dimpled structure is the core of the Vital-Foot-Comforters.  The patented massage points work like a miracle for the whole body.  But they are in fact the results of Vital's studies of foot and body over the course of decades.
The Vital dimples offer more than just a massage for the sole of the foot: matched precisely with the foot's reflex zones, they communicate with the whole of the human body.  The Vital in-sole stimulates, relaxes, and aids the circulation of the blood.
There is no conflict between modern production and work done by hand.  At Vital the link between tradition and progress is, on the contrary, the philosophy of the product.  As part of Vital's day-to-day production process, every single shoe is individually shaped by our staff.
Vital's production team of hand workers is the very life blood of the business.  And they are supported with the most up-to-date working tools.  In the production of Vital shoes only the finest natural leather, high-quality PU-foam and a range of other carefully selected materials are used.